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Hello Claire and Nicky!

Since the song I used to use wasn´t cleared for TV,

here I am trying it with another song!


On the way to fulfilling my biggest dream of becoming a British Comedian,
what can be a better song than the British Classic

 urging us all to "don´t stop never give up" 😂

S Club 7 - Bring it All Back

Hi Vis.png
Hi Vis.png
Norway Britain.jpeg
Norway Britain.jpeg

Ending variations

(45 sec)

I am experimenting with endings!  The ending in this video above doesn´t really work. So added some variations in the video below.

(Also not planning to throw the vest in the audience either!)

The dream would be to do the act with a clear end,

and still have a couple of vests left. 

So if i Get a "Yes" I can celebrate with music and rip off another vest
Or if I get a No, interrupt the judges with the music and another vest. 
And have a golden vest as the inner most layer, just in case!

With No Music

Since the song I used wasn´t cleared,

here I am doing it with NO MUSIC. 
Not as fun I think? But just in case.

And here is the old video,
you have already seen

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