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5-Day Clown Masterclass
with Dr.Brown in OSLO

23. - 27. January 2023

About the workshop

This workshop will ideally help you not take yourself so seriously, be stupid and relatively free on stage, and have fun with an audience.

Note – this sounds fun and easy, but the workshop can be quite difficult.

I (Dr. Brown/Philip Burgers) am often NOT nice and some people don't like this approach, but if you can handle admitting that what you just did on stage was horrible and nobody really laughed, then perhaps you'll get something from this workshop.

Ultimately, I'll hopefully help you learn to be open and vulnerable in front of a group of strangers and then make them piss themselves by showing them how stupid you (and only you) can be.

About the teacher

Dr. Brown (aka Philip Burgers) learned about comedy and being stupid at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier. He then travelled and toured solo and kids shows around the world and has worked in TV and film as a director, writer and actor. He has been teaching clown workshops all over the world since 2009 and ran the Los Angeles theatre, 'The Lyric Hyperion' from 2016-2020.


His 2012 solo show 'Befrdgth', won The Edinburgh Comedy Award and The Barry Award for Best Comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


He can be seen in Netflix's 'The Characters' and 'Feel Good' and in UK Channel 4's 'Dr Brown Comedy Blaps' and '4funnies'. He wrote and starred in the award-winning short film 'The Passage'. He also directed the Netflix Comedy Special, 'Nate'.

Dr.Brown Show in Oslo Saturday 28.Jan

Ticket to Dr.Brown´s award winning show at Crap Comedy Festival in Oslo:

Practical Details


5 days
Monday 23.January to Friday 27.January

10.30 - 16.30

(With an hour lunch break)


NIEU Scene
Vogts Gate 64

450$ / 4500 NOK


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