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Viggo Venn Comedian - photo by: Andy Hollingworth.jpg

Photo by: Andy Hollingworth

Please use the photo above for promotional use in lineup shows etc.
Please credit the photographer Andy Hollingworth.

Andy has photographed most of the notable British comedians through the years and is a living encyclopedia of comedy. Check out his masterful work here:

There is something more special about the picture below. Can´t really put my finger on exactly what... 
But something draws my eye more to it:

Some more photos

Viggo Standing.png

Photo: Alexis Dubus

Fra scenen (kan få tak i høyere oppløsning.PNG

Trying to be seen on the London Stand Up Circuit.

Photo by: Steve Ullathorne

Klovn i telefonboksen.JPG


Sølv (kan få tak i høyere oppløsning).JPG

Celebrating second place in Leicester Square New Comedian of The Year 2022.

Photo by: 
Steve Ullathorne

Viggo Venn London ute.JPG

Photo: Julia Masli

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