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A couple of times a year I teach clown workshops. 

Usually from 2 - 5 days long workshops for professional actors, improvisors, stand up comedians, acrobats, writers and clowns.  

More info about upcoming workshops below.

Clown workshops has been the way I have had the most progress in my professional performing life personally.

I have had the great pleasure to study with Philippe Gaulier for 2 years, Clown Masterclass with Aitor Basouri of SpyMonkey, Clowning in Nature witht Dr.Brown / Phili burgers, show development with John Wright, Clown and Comedy with Mick Barnfather, Clown w/ Jango Edwards, Stefan Haves of Cirq Du Soleil and Alex Byrne of theatre NIE. 

From 2021 I am a staff teacher at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France were I also studied. 

From 2022 visiting Clown teacher for
BA Acting
Drama Studio London
(Part of University of West London)

Visiting Clown Teacher for
MA Acting
ArtsEd London
MA Acting

From 2023 visiting Clown teacher
BA Comedy
Bath Spa University

Visiting Clown teacher
MA Acting
York University

Previously I have taught my clown workshop at the Sydney Comedy Festial, Zulu Comedy festival in Copenhagen, Nieu Stage in Oslo and yearly clown workshops (pre-pandemic) at The Melbourne International Comedy Festial and The Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Los Angeles.

Current workshops will be held at
Jacksons Lane Theatre in London

Past workshops:

4-day Clown Workshop
Jacksons Lane Theatre

20th - 23th June
11am - 5pm

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Master Course - Summer school - Ecole Philippe Gaulier
Etampes, France

Course: Le Jeu
July 4th - July 15th

More information:


5-day Intensive Clown Workshop at Angel Comedy Club
The Bill Murray in London. 


11th - 15th April 2022
10am - 4pm


Viggo Clown School-44.jpg

Master Course - Ecole Philippe Gaulier

Course: CLOWNS



5-day Clown Workshop in OSLO, NORWAY

23.Jan - 27.jan
10.30am - 5pm
450$ / 4500 NOK


More information HERE

5-day Clown Workshop, LONDON
W/ Viggo Venn

Where, Jacksons Lane Theatre

13.FEB - 17.FEB
Times: 11am - 5pm
Price: 340£

5-day Clown Workshop, LONDON

W/ Viggo Venn

Where: Jacksons Lane Theatre

3.April - 7.April

When: 11am - 5pm

Price: 340£


Julia Masli
3-day Clown Workshop EASTER LONDON

Jacksons Lane Theatre

5.april - 7.april
11am - 5pm

This workshop is FULL

Viggo Clown School-35.jpg

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Info about my 5-day Clown Workshop

A 5 day workshop to work on becoming a better performer and a deep dive into the world of clown, play and complete stupidity.

In this workshop we are searching for what makes you uniquely funny as a performer.
The first two days of the workshop will focus on a common language and core principles of performance. Play, Major/Minor, listening to the audience, fixed point and the pleasure to be on stage.
We will work on amping up your stage presence, playfulness and following your comedic impulses.

In the second part of the workshop we approach the land of stupidity.
The clown is an absolute idiot, but always with an immense pleasure to be on stage and a special connection with the audience. Through flops and failure the clown can show their vulnerability to the audience. With sensitivity and care for the audience the clown can share their mistakes - their humanity - and create a special connection with the audience. Building on this special connection the clown can be totally free to fail, be bad and make the audience belly laugh. Like genuinely laugh. A lot.

Suitable for standups, actors, improvisors, clowns, acrobats and performers who want to sharpen their funny bone, tune up their stage presence and find the freedom to be stupid, silly, funny and free.

This is a safe place to play, have fun and take chances as an artist.
Expect to be on the floor taking big risks, being utterly stupid, laughing a lot and being harshly criticised by a friendly Norwegian.

No prior experience with clown required, but this workshop is for people with stage experience and with a genuine desire to perform on stage(!)


NB: The feedback from the teacher is trying to honestly describe what we see as an audience.
(See feedback from past participants under)
No one is funny all the time, so please expect to be bad sometimes. 

That being said it is good to take risk in a workshop and dare to be bad! 
In fact, the clown lives in the kingdom of bad. 

Guts on the table, dare to be bad - and freedom is not far away!


















Viggo Clown School-12_edited.jpg


Viggo Venn is a working clown and staff teacher at renowned clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France, were he also studied. Viggo Venn is a visiting clown teacher at BA Acting at Drama Studio London, BA Comedy at Bath Spa University, MA Acting at York University and MA Acting at ArtsEd London.


Viggo has toured the globe several times playing in Australia, The US and Europe with both his clown double act "Zach&Viggo" and his clown solo shows. Performing at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Festival Montreal, Comedy Central Stage, UCB, Hollywood Improv and Second City Chicago to name a few.


He won the "Best Comedy" award at the Brighton Fringe in 2016 and won the "Time Out Edinburgh Award" in 2017 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In addition to teaching at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and Universities in London Viggo regularly teaches his clown workshop in London at Jacksons Lane Theatre.


at Angel Comedy Club, The Bill Murray

"Viggo taught with an unparalleled pleasure of the work. It gave me a completely fresh perspective on comedy, and reminded me of the importance of play in my work. His teaching style has a light touch with generous respect for the students, whilst still being honest and candid in his approach. If you love comedy, and want to truly test yourself, I can't think of a better class to push you out of your comfort zone, and truly be led by the laughter."

"I came in blind - not really knowing what clowning was, not what I was going to do, only that I knew that I needed to let my silly side come out more often and have the confidence to do something even when I think it might not work. I can honestly say I learnt a lot more from Viggo than I thought I would. He pushes you to do the best work you can, whilst constantly (and subtly) reassuring you when you find the right path, so that the audience get to see you at your best.
It is a TOUGH week, but I highly recommend it!"

"This was a fantastic week. I had so much fun and learned a ton. Viggo is a great teacher and I couldn’t recommend this enough."








Viggo is an excellent instructor. I will never forget the first day of class running on the streets of Islington as a warmup exercise, feeling free to be silly. It was truly joyful! One thing people new to clowning may not realize: it is an intense discipline. Viggo is tough, in that he will push you - your character actually - to be your funniest, silliest self. In turn, when you get it right, Viggo will also celebrate you and your stupidity. It's not easy and emotions can run raw at times. But it is exhilarating and addicting. Viggo is a terrific guide through it all.

"I loved it! It took me straight out of my comfort zone and into the insanity of clownery. As it was my first my perfomance workshop I really didn't know what to expect, but Viggo's 'lessons be damned, just do it' style of teaching was great! It really encouraged me to get stuck in, and just try it out. It opened my eyes to what clowning is, and helped me remember exactly why I love performing. I had a surprisingly high emotional response one of the days that I can only akin to an epiphany."


"I loved everything about the workshop, even the hardest days. At times it was the hardest I’ve ever died on stage, but those were the moments I learnt the most from. Not only has it given me skills I feel I can take into my stand up work, but also given me a real interest in creating a more alternative character to run out on the circuit in the future. A great teacher and a great guy"

"Any workshop with Viggo is guaranteed to be a lot of fun and you'll learn lots without without realising that you are learning. Instead of long lectures, Viggo has a talent for explaining the 'theoretical' bits of clowning though fun and play. You'll discover many ways to be funny on stage, but more importantly how to cope when you're not being funny - and then get back to being funny again. You'll be up on your feet performing and laughing at you classmates all week, then leave the class excited to go out and play on stage."

"Viggo is a great teacher who creates a fun environment to play and explore. I enjoyed the structure of the exercises that took us progressively through some of the core elements of clown work. In particular, I understood more than I ever have before about the flop and started to learn to embrace it and find fun with it rather than becoming trapped in indecision and continuing to fall."


"I was over the moon to come and take a workshop with Viggo, having seen him perform several years ago at The Edinburgh Festival. This is a great opportunity to take an intensive workshop, with a performer at the top of his game, and someone who has trained with top clown teachers and performers and now teaches at The Gaulier school. This is an intensive experience and it is fun and silly, and you will laugh a lot, but you will be challenged and could find yourself in unexpectedly vulnerable places. Your ego could be rattled. Come with an open heart and mind, always willing to play. Stay positive, keep your senses switched on, and you will be rewarded. This is an invaluable course for anyone interested in finding a deeper connection with an audience, and ultimately, finding YOUR funny. You will make strong connections with your group, and you will go through ups and downs and BIG laughs. This is a great opportunity to join a teacher at the start of his journey - already a fantastic performer, I'm sure that Viggo is on his way towards becoming a great teacher."




20 maximum participants

The beautiful and newly refurbished
Jackson´s Lane Theatre
Highgate tube stop on the northern line 2 min away

Course Fee:

Registration Fee (5-day)


WINTER 5-day Clown Workshop
13.-17.Feb FULL

EASTER 5-day Clown Workshop 3.-7.April
(1 spot left)

11am to 5pm
(With 1 hour lunch break)


(Only answer this twice a month, so dont worry if you dont get a reply immideately)

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